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Lensbaby Packaging

Lensbaby, Inc.

Lens & Optic Packaging

Packaging is a large part of my design experience. Over the last 3 to 4 years I’ve done freelance design for Lensbaby, a local manufacturer of lenses and optics whose products help photographers bend the rules of photography. It’s been a joy to work on such a fun brand with interesting imagery from so many talented photographers.


Logitech Packaging

Logitech, Inc.

Speaker, Headphone & Gaming Peripherals Packaging

As senior designer on Logitech’s in-house design team, I produced a myriad of packaging projects for both the Audio and Gaming Business Units, while mentoring a group of other designers and contractors. I enjoyed the challenge of adapting the Logitech brand to new products and packaging form factors.


Blount Packaging

Blount, Inc.

Forestry Accessory Packaging

During times of heavy workload, I’ve provided design support to the top-notch in-house design team at Blount, global manufacturer of forestry, lawn and agriculture equipment and parts. These pieces were part of a re-branding project for the Carlton brand.


Blount Packaging

Breathe Clear

Nasal Strip Packaging

This client enlisted me to help transition their existing packaging from a "natural medicine" look-and-feel to a more mass-market approach, keeping some original elements but updating the brand to be a better fit in major drug stores.